How to buy the MLDL2000?

So you are impressed with the MLDL2000 and want to have one? No problem, it is actually very simple. Just send me an email that you want to have one and I will reply to you on how we can close the transaction. Before sending me the email, read the the FAQ below to make certain that you understand what you get.

Mail me at: meindert_at_kuiprs_dot_nl (remove the usual anti-spam crap) if you want the MLDL2000 or have any questions. News and updates are posted here.

MLDL2000 now including cardreaders shell!
Thanks the the maker of the CCD Module, W&W Rambox and many other HP41 peripherals, a new cardreader shell what module connector and all accessories will now come standard with every MLDL2000. This at no extra cost since the price of the MLDL2000 has also been lowered somewhat. As a bonus an original CCD module overlay will be sent with your MLDL2000. The price is now fixed at EUR 260, including the cardreader shell and module connector. Assembly is EUR 100 and includes the USB connector and goldcap.

What is the plan?
Thanks for asking. I am preparing the first production run of the MLDL2000. You will have about a month to order. At this point you may still back out of the deal. Once you confirm you are stuck with it. I need some time for testing and then it can be shipd. Payment should take place prior to shipping, and I will inform you when the unit is ready for shipping. The schedule is as follows:

How much does it cost?
The MLDL2000 will cost 260 Euro's, but shipping will be added on top of this. Included is the cardreader shell with module connector. Shipping really depends on where you live and how it should be sent. In Europe I send it with registered mail, which costs less than 10 Euro's. Outside Europe another method may be preferred. I will tell you exactly what the cost is before you have to pay. Any duties or taxes are paid by you. Assembly is EUR 100.

How do I pay?
Within Europe I prefer a straight bank transfer. I will send you all the details of the bank. Note that any additonal cost are for the buyer. Outside Europe I can use PayPal, but the PayPal charge will be carried by the buyer. The reason for this is that the MLDL2000 is really a hobby project, and the price is very close to the actual production cost. Since the delivery time can be uncertain you pay when the MLDL2000 is tested and almost ready for shipping. You will be informed by email when the money is transferred and shipment takes place when the money is safe in my bankaccount. I will NOT take cheques from Nigeria for large amounts or participate otherwise in very urgent business proposals.

What do I get?
For 260 Euro's you will get 3 (three) assembled and tested PCB's. You will need to assemble these PCB's together by soldering wires in between. The MLDL2000 is designed to be built in an empty cardreader shell, and you will get the cardreader shell. Some holes need to be drilled in the cardreader shell. This is all described in the MLDL2000 User Manual which can be downloaded here. You are responsible for understanding the assembly process.

I am a poor student and I do not have cash, but I have a nice HPxxxx calculator/peripheral, can we do a trade for the MLDL2000?
Sorry guys, I am not a collector but a user. I cannot do trades, since the MLDL2000 cost me real money to produce. But if you have a real good proposal, you may try me ....

When is the MLDL2000 shipped after I order it?
The idea is to collect orders now to do a production run so I know how many can be produced at a reasonable price. First deliveries will be end of June, a second production run is planned for August or September.

How about warranty?
There is no warranty, since you have to solder and assemble the MLDL2000 yourself. The only warranty I give is that the MLDL2000 is fully tested before shipping. I will replace units which are DOA at no charge other than shipping charges.

Does the MLDL2000 have FCC or CE approval?
Well, not really. But the MLDL2000 is supplied as PCB's that require additional work, assembly and housing, and therefore the end user is responsible for not violating any regulations. Anyway, when I switch my proto unit on, one of my friends has complained only a few times that his computer goes wild, his radio is noisy and his TV is randomly skipping channels. And he only lives two blocks away ......

What do I need for assembling the MLDL2000?
Recommended tools and materials:

What is an MLDL2000?
If you cannot answer this question yourself, the MLDL2000 is probably not for you. Please go back to this page and read the MLDL2000 specifications. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. There are no stupid questions, except for the one that you do not ask.......

How does the MLDL2000 work?
This is fully described in the MLDL2000 Specifications, and this is a must read for (potential) users.

What do I need to run the MLDL2000?
Of course you need an HP41. The MLDL2000 will work with the HP41C, -CV and -CX, even if a speed-up is implemented. For transferring data a PC with a USB port is needed (and a USB cable of course). The software to do this has been tested under Windows XP and Windows 2000. The main function of the software, which is called M2kM for MLDL2000 Manager, is to transfer ROM images to and from the HP41 and your PC. ROM images may be saved on the PC's disk. M2kM is also used to configure the MLDL2000 and to control how the HP41 sees the ROM images.

What ROMs are supported?
It is expected that the MLDL2000 will support all ROM images that do not have any special hardware of their own. This includes the PPC ROM, MATH, Advantage etc. Bankswitching is not fully tested yet, but initial testing has proven that it should work. Modules with their own specific hardware are the Wand, Extended Functions/Memory, HEPAX, IL etc. Future upgrades are planned for HEPAX and Extended Functions/Memory.

Will the MLDL2000 work with other modules plugged in the HP41?
Yes it will, but only if there are no conflicts between the pages. It is your own responsibility to understand which modules use which port. Although the MLDL2000 uses the physical port of the Cardreader, any ROM image can be cofigured for any page address andit is actually quite easy to create configurations that do not work together. The MLDL2000 can store more ROM images than there are available (as far as I know).

I do not want to operate on my cardreader, can I use another housing?
You certainly can, but you are on your own. At least do not make the cable between the HP41 and too long (20 cm will work). You will get the cardreader shell anyway.

I do not want to operate on my cardreader, can I get assembled units?
The MLDL2000 will be supplied with a cardreader shell, but needs to be assembled by the user. I do understand that there are many HP41 enthousiasts who do not have the required soldering skills. On a case by case base I am willing to do assembly work. Obviously, assembling the MLDL2000 requires time and some other materials and and will cost EUR 100. This includes the USB connector and the goldcap circuit.

What support can I expect?
I will answer your questions by email and be very helpful. I am available for MSN or Skype sessions to talk you through issues and hands-on questions. The MLDL2000 functionality can be updated by software, and in case of problems I will distribute updates. I will also fix bugs in the M2kM and add new features. New versions will be announced by email and will be available for downloading from this website. Please report any issues or suspected bugs.

Where can I get ROM images?
Due to copyright issues, I cannot supply any ROM images, apart from the ones that I created myself. These are available from this website. A ROM for testing the MLDL2000 is programmed in every new MLDL2000. Other ROM images are available from

Are sources and schematics available for the MLDL2000?
The HP41 community is very open and shares knowledge. In addition, it is a fine group of very dedicated person and I am therefore more than happy to share anything I have. All sources and schematics will be available from this website at no charge once the sources are stable and in a publishable state. All this is released under the GNU public license, the license conditions can be downloaded here. In addition, if you like the MLDL2000 and we ever meet in real life, you will have to buy me your favourite local alcoholic fluid (or just a beer will do in most cases).

What if I have a question that is not in this FAQ?
Ask it.